Screw Dieting… SnapOATS is getting fat

Originally, I was going to make a vanity coffee sized (13×11) version
of SnapOATS.

The cost was an issue.  I want to keep it around $100.  I would only
be able to get about $60 at that size.

But if I change to a standard 8.5×11 landscape, I can afford over
200 pages.  There are just too many photos to keep out.  Plus, Mom
mentioned a smaller book would be more portable and fit on a
bookshelf easier.

I have done some more sorting.  Over the five years, I found 50
good solo pictures of both Little Man and Little Lady.  For them,
I wanted to make sure they each have an equal number of pictures.

In the future, I didn’t want them saying: “Dad loved you more, he
put more pictures of you in the book.”

Anyway, my goal is to have the book by April.  It will be  a birthday
present to myself!  🙂

Take care,


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