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August 8 Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

So last Saturday, Mom was down in Evansville going to a wedding
and an engagement party.

I was on call, in fact, I got called in at 3:30am Saturday morning.

Anyway, Saturday night I went to a party.  At the party, I thew
a leather football with some guys.

Two guys threw particularly hard.  I caught a ball wrong and jammed
my finger.  It hurt, but at the time, I didn’t think much of it.

Until the next day….

My ring finger started to swell, each hour it got bigger and bigger.

I tried icing it, but it was not help.

Mom came home from E-ville and finally saw the finger around
10:30pm.  First, she was mad at me for not taking off my ring
as soon as I was injured.

We tried to ice it again, but it was no help.

To keep her from worrying all night, I went to the emergency room.

I arrived about midnight, luckily, there was no wait.

I was examined by a nurse and eventually a doctor.  After my first
x-ray, they said the ring had to come off.

(They said my finger would have been solid purple if I waited
until the morning)

They tried and tried to take my ring off.  Wrapping, ice and
lubricant did not work.  The ring was stuck.

I was completely bummed… the ring had to be cut off.

The hospital has two ring cutters, but could not find either one!

They called two fire departments and finally found one.

It was a manual one with a hand crank like a can opener.
(second picture)

It took them over 15 minutes.  Their hands got tired, and
they had to switch several times.

I was so sad because I love that ring, I means a lot to me.

Anyway, my finger felt so much better once the ring was off.

The ER doctor said I dislocated my finger, but the hand surgeon
said it was just a bad strain.

Two days later, Mom finally forgave me for ruining my ring.
(although she is glad I still have 10 fingers)

The swelling has gone down, and my finger pretty much looks normal.

I am still sad about my ring….

Worst of all… It was on my 13th anniversary……

I got out of the ER at 4:50am.




August 7

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011


The economy must be good… 

This company makes custom, hand made game tables.

This table starts…. starts at $15,000


Apology accepted….


We picked up Aunt J at the airport!

She had a fun trip in San Francisco.

August 6

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011


May the force be with you!


Little Man with a pint-sized Halo soldier.


Little Man and I eat lunch every year at this park.
I love this tradition with him….


Cyber punk costumes, one with a light up helmet.


These guys had really authentic Ghostbusters outfits.


Little Man was excited to get his picture with the


This was a pretty good Storm Trooper.


This was called Mindflex Challenge.

You hook up sensors to your head.  You move the blue ball by concentrating
on it. (it reads your mind waves)

Little Man smoked me. 


This lady and her husband (not seen here) wore a victorian
outfit.  The baby carriage was hand made.

The baby also wore a victorian outfit. 
(we asked the lady if the baby was real!)


My twin friends had a surprise birthday party!  One went to
IU and one went to Purdue, so it was an IU/Purdue theme.

One daughter wore IU and one wore Purdue.
(one brother went to IU and the other to Purdue)


The birthday boys!


This was our party.  In the same part, a few hundred feet away, there
was another birthday party.  They had the same last name.


The the Moms brought water balloons for the kids to
throw at the birthday boys.  Each of them got soaked.


One child from each birthday boy….

August 5

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011


I played an Indiana version of Power Grid.

(A guy who lives in St. Louis made this custom map
just for Gen Con)


Mayfair Games made a version of Settlers of Cataan out of
sugar cookies.

August 4 (GEN CON!!!!! DAY 1)

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011


The new convention center expansion was great!

This is street construction on the path between the convention center
and Conseco Fieldhouse.

For the superbowl, this will become a canopy to cover people from
possible snow.


This guy was on the street playing “Star Wars”
on the bagpipes.

August 3

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

For an early anniversary present, we went to a concert at
Verizon Wireless Music Center.

We saw Muse.  They rocked!

Here are several pictures from the show.

Each hexagon was an independent video screen.  In addition,
there were lasers, smoke and giant bouncing eyes. (balloon eyes)






August 2

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011


Mom is working on some basic fitness with the kids.

Here, Little Lady is stretching before a run.


Little Man’s stretching looks more like a chaulk outline….

August 1

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011


After running around and playing touch football, we all came in and
ate ice cream.

Here, Little Lady ponders life as she eats a scoop.

July 30 & 31

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

On July 30, we headed back to McCormick’s creek and setup our tent.

We swam (in a really nice pool) for most of the afternoon, but it was
still hot.  That night, we went to the falls (only about 10 feet high).

On of the Mom’s with us dropped her camera in the creek!


I made a yummy breakfast dish on my dutch oven!
(it actually turned out pretty good and fed tons of people)


It was sooooooo hot last night.

With four of us in the tent, we were even hotter.

Little Lady kept tossing and turning.  She rolled over and hit me just
about the time I drifted off to sleep.

At about 2am, Mom needed to use the bathroom.  I escorted her.

It was 10 degrees cooler outside!


Anyway, here is my beloved just before we tore down.

July 29

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011


We were supposed to be camping tonight…

We drove all the way down to McCormicks creek.

It was raining pretty hard. We looked on the radar and the worst was yet to come!

We turned around and came home!
(My friends, who had already setup, said we made a good decision.)