June 22, 2011 – The first time the kids ever saw the Ocean


This was the first time the kids saw the ocean.

(they have been on a sound in  Connecticut)

It was a perfect day for me, overcast and cool.

I found out about this beach from a New York native.
(Robert Moses State Park on Fire Island)

While it took longer to drive there, it was worth it.  It was a clean
beach with plenty of lifeguards.


We knew Little Lady would like the beach, but Little Man also had
a blast.


The water was COLD!


Little Lady’s first swimsuit model photo


The kids loved the waves.

At first, they would run away.  Then they would try to withstand
the waves as they came.  Little Man got “tackled” by the waves 35 times.


Just a few of the shells we collected.  (we had a whole bucket by
the end of the day)


Mom buried a mermaid!


Which is more white, the waves or my belly?

(there is over 5 miles of seashore at Robert Moses)


This lighthouse was actually part of a national park
(Robert Moses was a New York State Park) 

By the time we left, fog rolled in and we could not see the lighthouse at all!


I love this photo of the handsome man on the beach.


Mom and Little Man say goodbye to the ocean.

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