May 28


This was our first morning camping at the Girl Scout camp. 

This was out canvas platform tent we had for the weekend.  The canvas
was thick enough to block out most of the light and help for sleeping.

The first night, the low was 52 degrees.  By Sunday, the highs were in
the 90’s!


This building, shaped like a steamboat, was near our tent.  In addition
to shelter, it had tables for eating and kitchen.


The boys hopped on a paddle boat and trolled around the lake.


The girls zoomed around the lake in kayaks.


The kids are on top of the earthen dam for the lake.  It branched off
in two big directions.


We found several trees downed by beavers.  This was
one of the bigger ones.

During the weekend, we also saw: a turtle, several snakes,
a deer, a hawk and several other critters.

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