December 28


Grandma and Grandpa took us to Angel Mounds. 

It was once a site where over 1,000 Indians lived and farmed.

The Indians built huge walls around the central 100 acre living area.
Researchers recreated a portion of the wall (to the right).


This is on top of Mound A, the central and largest mound at the site.
it is over 44 feet high.

The chief had a home on top of the mound.  Other than a sign of respect,
researchers do not know what the mounds were used for at this location.

(They were not burial mounds)


This is on top of Mound A.  The welcome center is the orange building
in the distance.


This is the back side of Mound A.  The Ohio River is just beyond
the treeline.


Grandma taught Mom and Little Lady how to made deviled eggs.

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