December 27


We went to the Howell Wetlands on the east side of Evansville. 

The frozen pond water was thawing and leaving these
cool “veins”.


We saw this black duck that also had dark green feathers up close.


The Howell Wetlands has a wood path that makes
it easy to traverse the area.

Little Lady threw a fit because we made her wear gloves.


Little Man griped all the way there, but once we arrived,
he did alright.  (despite the look on his face)


There was HUGE oak tree just off the path.


After dinner, we went over to P&T’s house.

They have two remotes, Little Man had one and P had the other.

We convinced the kids that the channels were changing by voice
command and by body motions.

Here Little Lady is demonstrating how to change the channel
by picking her butt.  (we told her to do that)

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