September 26


Mom took Little Lady and their Girl Scout troop to the
Indianapolis Museum of Art.

The main part of the trip was seeing the new 100 acre, outdoor
scupture park.  (see below)

I went inside the museum to get a map, and saw this cool
work of art!


I just LOVE this Dyson hand dryer! 

It really works well!  (seriously, try it if you ever see one)


Group hug!


There are (I believe) 18 of these special benches around the 100 acre
art park.  All of them are different.


This was my favorite. 

The two rings “float” in the air.  (supported by cables
tied to three telephone poles)

During the summer solstice, the shadows of the two
rings line up!


I really liked this piece, because they let the kids climb on it.
(I hate how art is “no touch” for kids)


The white speck in the lake is Indianapolis Lake.  During the summer
two art students live in that little room.

This green platform is also a work of art.

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