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September 26

Sunday, September 26th, 2010


Mom took Little Lady and their Girl Scout troop to the
Indianapolis Museum of Art.

The main part of the trip was seeing the new 100 acre, outdoor
scupture park.  (see below)

I went inside the museum to get a map, and saw this cool
work of art!


I just LOVE this Dyson hand dryer! 

It really works well!  (seriously, try it if you ever see one)


Group hug!


There are (I believe) 18 of these special benches around the 100 acre
art park.  All of them are different.


This was my favorite. 

The two rings “float” in the air.  (supported by cables
tied to three telephone poles)

During the summer solstice, the shadows of the two
rings line up!


I really liked this piece, because they let the kids climb on it.
(I hate how art is “no touch” for kids)


The white speck in the lake is Indianapolis Lake.  During the summer
two art students live in that little room.

This green platform is also a work of art.

September 25

Sunday, September 26th, 2010


Little Lady is waiting to get in the game.

She scored her first goal of the year!  On the bigger field
against bigger kids!


Team picture!  They won! 4-1


Every year, cool Aunt J takes the kids to a special
event for their birthday.

This year, Aunt J took Little Lady (and Mom) to Mary Poppins
at the Murat Theatre.  (Everyone Loved it!)

Before the show, Aunt J took all of us out to eat at Yats.

Also, the best Aunt ever bought us birthday cupcakes from
the Flying Cupcake!  WOW

September 24

Sunday, September 26th, 2010


The ladies stretched to a yoga video.

(Little Lady likes to yoga in the buff)

September 23

Sunday, September 26th, 2010


Pack Meeting for Little Man.

They played dodge ball!  (it may have been the first time he played)

September 22

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


I took the day off and hung out the family.

The mom’s club went to Apple Works in Trafalgar. 
(BTW: Trafalgar backwards is  Rag-la-fart) 

Anyway, at Apple Works, they have a petting zoo.

(in addition to being a really good apple orchard)


The animals were, all ready to eat.


Pretty sunflower patch on the property.


One of the mom’s hooked us up with a tractor ride!


Everyone got to pick one apple.  (they don’t let the customers pick all
of their apples, because they damage the trees too bad)

September 21

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


Little Man is kicking my butt in Statis Pro Football.

We are playing the 1986 Jets vs the 1986 Falcons.

His team is better, but even so, he is doing better than he should be doing.

I am losing 24-0 in the first quarter.

September 20

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


Little Lady wrote this at school.

I feel happy when: my brother is here.

I feel sad when: my brother is not here.

September 19

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


I got to party with Colts Dorothy!

Aunt J took me to the Colts home opener for an early Christmas present!

It was the Colts vs. the NY Giants.  (Manning Bowl II)

Peyton spanked little brother Eli.

Before the game, we did pub crawl.  We went to the RAM for beer, Harry & Izzy’s for
shrimp cocktail (same as St. Elmo’s), Scotty’s for more beer and then hung out at
the Blue Crew lot.

We met up with a friend of mine just before the game.

It was a blast…

September 18

Saturday, September 18th, 2010


Little Lady started the game out so well…  After a scorless first half,
her team won!


Good news!  Little Lady didn’t think about her play!

Bad news, horseback riding went badly, very badly… 


Here’s the problem, Little Lady held her reigns like this (the horse
people did not correct her)

When on the trail, her horse thought it needed to go slow.  Her horse was
slow the whole way.  Mom’s horse was butt, literally, up against LL’s horse.
My horse was right against Mom’s

The leader of our group told Little Lady what to do, but LL thought she
was being yelled at.  She cried.

The trail was rough for a first horse ride ever.

It just didn’t go well…

September 17

Saturday, September 18th, 2010


We had our friends over.  We were supposed to have a big campfire, but
Johnson County is in the middle of a burn ban.  (No campfire)

We still had a great time.


Yo, Yo, YO….. PARTY!

Little Man knows how to roll with the bling….