July 29


Day 4 of Girl Scout Camp.

A girl threw up in the pool earlier in the day.  The pool
was closed to clean it up.

Once again, the mom’s were pissed.  (yes, I definately see a pattern)

Fortunately, they had a few other things, like the climbing wall.

Little Lady was the first to climb up the wall.  She was one of the
fastest and not every girl could do it.

Her baseball awards banquet was also Thursday.  I picked her
up from camp and went to the banquet.

They had pizza and two bouncer houses.  Little Lady was in heaven.
Then they had the last baseball game of the year.  She had three solid hits.

I took her back to Girl Scout camp because…


Getting ready for lights out!

Thursday night was the overnight “camp” out in a cabin.  (really, do you
want to make 32 1st graders suffer in a tent?)

LL was pooped.

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