June 20


After lunch in Bloomington with one of our good friends, we went to
our favorite playground.

Mom is on this freaky spinning thing that gets you totally dizzy.
(the kids love it too)

That’s a three level playground in the back.


I got up early to go on a Father’s Day bike ride.

Bad news: On the way home, I fell off my bike
and skinned my leg, knee and shoulder.

It was the same bicycle jersey that I had my bad
accident.  The shoulder scratches almost match.

Luckily, this time, I figured out how to catch myself
and roll.

Good news: before my crash I saw an uptight bicycle snob.

He didn’t like it that I caught him going uphill. 

He didn’t like it that I easily hung with him for the next two miles.

He didn’t like it that I didn’t acknowledge his shinny new bike or
$150 oakley sunglasses.

He didn’t like my 20+ year old dirty road turned commuter bike.

Finally, he didn’t like it that I mentioned how out of shape I was.

He made a turn at the last minute to make sure I wouldn’t follow him. 

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