June 18


Little Man went to flag football camp all week.  (8:30am-Noon)

On the last day, they had a show for the parents and family to show off
their skills.

Little Man was one of the few boys to catch a long bomb.


Here Little Man, and the other boys, are doing the Lawnmower Dance.


Thursday night, Mom had a great idea… let’s have an ice cream social!

We contacted our friends on Friday and had a party!

Mom is so good.  She had three different kids of ice cream, bananas,
strawberries, sprinkles, nerds, fudge, caramel and even strawberry

While picking up some last minute items, I saw that Marsh had
Mexican Cokes!  It is Coke-a-Cola, in real glass bottles with
REAL SUGAR!  It was soooooooo goooooooood.

It made me and my neighbor feel like we were 6 years old again.


Little Lady and her friend enjoy their delux creations.


These are just a few of the friends that showed up.  More people showed
up after this photo.

Later that night, we played wiffle ball.  First the kids, then the adults
played too!

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