May 22


We went on a 2 mile hike!

This holy tree was still alive at the top!


These were rocks near Wolf Cave.  The cave was closed
to protect the bats.  There is a disease that doesn’t affect
humans, but does affect bats.  They are trying to keep the
bats safe.

BTW: I am not into caving.  The idea of being flat on my belly,
crawling around with water flowing under me.  Nope… not me.


Snack time!


This hollowed tree was just after a series of creek hops.


This was one of our creek hops.  We all love waterfalls, even small ones.


Little Lady is facinated with fungus.  We saw at least eight different
varieties of fungus.  She is our little explorer.


We found another hollowed out tree.  This one was alive
at the top.  The tree was hollow 2-3 feet above
Little Lady’s head.


This tree was pulled up by its roots.

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