March 5


Here’s how a little thing can snowball into something
much bigger…

This toilet was running.

 The mansfiled flush valve was shot.  I have repalced it
before, no problem.

The kids and I went to Home Depot and bought the $1.50 part.

I replaced it, no problem.

I adjusted the float.  SNAP.   Problem.

I had to rig the toilet in this manner to keep
it from running.

We went back to Home Depot and bought a
replacement for all the “guts” in the toilet.
(I never liked the Mansfield design anyway)

I got back home and tried to turn the water off
behind the toilet.


The water would not turn off.  The valve was stripped.

I consulted with a friend of mine and he said it was not
hard to replace the wall valve.

The next day, I got all of my tools ready.  I got bowls
to catch water and towels to clean up the mess.

I went to go turn of the master water valve, but it
would not turn off the water to the house!

I turned off ALL of the water valves and still the
water would not turn off.

I even wandered the neighborhood, looking for someone
else with our house design.  I checked with them, and sure
enough, I turned off what should have been the master
water valve.


What started out as a $1.50 fix will require a plumber to
come to our house and figure out what is wrong with
our system!


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