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February 15

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010


Home, snowy home…
(we have been below freezing since February 5th)

February 14

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We invited Aunt J out to lunch at Bazbeaux’s Pizza!
(here the kids are playing with Aunt J’s new iPhone)


February 13

Sunday, February 14th, 2010


The boys of Den 7 took a tour of the Johnson County
Historical Museum.

The flag behind them was made around the
Civil War.




The boys then went to Incredible Pizza.  It is kinda like Chuckie Cheese
on steriods.

Incredible Pizza is a national chain.  They converted an old abandoned
Kroger and turned it into an entertainment center.

Ours has mini bowling (seen here), bumper cars, go carts, putt-putt,
and tons of video games.


The putt-putt is bathed in black light.


I found out how Conan O’Brien is making ends meet
while looking for a new job.

February 11

Sunday, February 14th, 2010


Monster icicles were growing outside the laundry
room window.
(I knocked them down after this photo)

February 10

Sunday, February 14th, 2010


The workhorse.

The washer and dryer arrived January 15th, and it
has been working hard ever since.

We run, on average, two loads a day and it has been
working flawlessly.

There is room for a kitty liter box, if we ever decide
to get a cat.

February 9

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


SNOW DAY!  One of Little Man’s friends came over and all of
the kids played outside for a while.


 Isn’t Mom beautiful…..  🙂

February 8

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


Just some of Little Lady’s kindergarten art.

February 7 SUPER BOWL 44!

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


Colts fans in happier times… (the first quarter)


Happy Birthday Aunt J!  (29 years old!)

February 6

Saturday, February 6th, 2010


It snowed 4-6 inches last night, so we went sledding!  We had to hike
to the sledding his and the snow was so beautiful!


We zoomed down the big hill on Grandpa’s cool sled.
it has a steering wheel.


Little Lady loved going down a smaller, nearby hill.


She REALLY loved the big hill.  There is a hill halfway down.  Our sled
went so fast we caught air! 


This is looking down the smaller hill.  Little Lady is on the left side
of the picture, after a successful run.


Hiking back to the car.


Mom took this cook picture laying on her back.


See, told you…


Happy kids…

February 5

Saturday, February 6th, 2010


This is a sureal moment for me.

Little Man learned how to play Statis Pro Football. 

Statis Pro Football is a football simulation game based on real NFL
players.  My brother taught me how to play it.  I have the 1986 season.

Little Man turned into a football fanatic.  Since we do not allow him
to play Madden Football on the Wii 24 hours a day, he wanted to try
something new to provide him a football “fix”.

He picked the Philadelphia Eagles (5-11 that year)  I picked a worse
team to give him a chance, Green Bay (4-12 that year).

The first quarter was a defensive struggle, 0 to 0.  Little man began
the second quarter with two 40+ yard field goals.

After the second field goal, I fumbled and lost the kickoff.  Soon, Little Man
passed  for a touchdown.  He was up 13-0.

By the middle of the third quarter, Little Man ran in another touchdown and
was up 20-0.  At this point I had thrown 4 interceptions and lost one fumble.
even so, I was able to finally score by the end of the third quarter.  (20-7)

At this point, I lemented to myself that Statis Pro Football games are never close.

Soon in the 4th quarter, Little Man responded with another running touchdown.

My first play after the kickoff was a 65 yard touchdown pass.  I was only down
by two touchdowns. (27-14)

Little Man’s next possesion went nowhere and he had to punt, eight minutes to play.

He dropped back all of his defenders back and relied on pass and prevent defense.
I depended on the run and had suprising success.   Thanks to a series of penalties
and injuries, I was able to march down the field without using too much time.   I found
the endzone with 5:30 minutes remaining.  (27-21)

Instead of running the ball, Little Man tried a long pass to ice the game.  Unfortunately,
my cornerback picked it off.  I had 5 minutes, 55 yards to go and two time outs.

Under two minutes, I had a first down on the 15 yard line.  My running back ran a sweep right
into the end zone, touchdown!  But there was offensive holding!  This backed the ball
back up to the 25 yard line.

I threw a quick pass which went long… 24 yards!  First and goal on the one yard line.

I decided to go for a pass.  Little Man called a blitz, and sent everyone.  This was unusual
because he had not called a blitz the entire game.  I didn’t think he knew there was a
blitz play!  I lost 10 yards on the play.  With a timeout, there were 20 seconds left.
Time for just two more plays.

There we were, 20 seconds left, I had the ball on the 11, down six points, 27-21.

I threw a pass to my flanker…… GOOOOOOD….TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!

Or was it good…. this was Little Man’s first game of Statis Pro Football.  It was
fun to share one of my favorite games with him.

 So fun… I didn’t care if I lost.

“Your defender knocked the ball out of the way… incomplete!”

I tried one more play, and that pass did fail.

Little Man won his first game of Statis Pro Football, and he was
the happiest kid on the block.

I was the happiest Dad on the block.