January 22



These are all of the entries.  The Cub Scounts went first.  There were
six lanes and each car got to race on each lane.  Just for Cub Scouts,
there were 32 heats.


Little Lady was enthralled with the trophies
(foreshadowing a big meltdown later).


Our pack owns this beautiful wooden track.  They may end up selling it,
because no one has room to store it.  For the cost of yearly storage, they
could buy a new one.


The crowd was patient.  About 20 heats in to the night, the computer
crashed.  Luckily, after a reboot, everything was alright, and no
races were lost.


Little Lady finally got to race.  (2nd car on the left)

Unfortunately, she was in the Akela division.
(everyone other than Cub Scouts)

This division is full of older boys and dads with
waaaaaaayyyy to much time on their hands.

Little Lady was 4th in this division, but she did
not get a trophy.

Our little type A bawled her eyes out.  🙁

It didn’t help that…


Little Man got third place in his den!  He got a trophy!
(In his six heats, he finished 2nd, 2nd, 4th, 4th, 4th, 2nd
these heats were against all dens, not just his own)

Little Man said:

“Dad, I like the pinewood derby better this year.  They
gave everyone a medal.”

(Last year, he was almost dead last.  This year he got a
trophy.  I thought he was going to like it better because he
received a personal reward.  He liked it better because
everyone got rewarded)

I love that boy.

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