January 27a


I got up early to do some push-ups and sit-ups, but I
was mad at myself because I did not do a full workout.

I looked outside and it didn’t look that bad. (Mom had
shoveled the drive last night… BTW: Thanks Mom!)

I got in my car and got as far as…. the street.
My little Honda Civic Hybrid was stuck. 

It was MUCH deeper than I thought. 
(about 9 inches at that point)

 I woke up Mom and we started to dig out
“Haggy” our Hybrid (short for Hagrid)

After a few minutes, our neighbors two doors
down came over to help.  (this was very nice,
considering it was 6:15am at this point)

We got one lane dug out and drove Haggy
back into the garage.

Next, we dug out our neighbor’s driveway, then
the elderly couple next to them.

Finally, we cleared the rest of our driveway.

Later, some of the kids friends came over to play.
(school was cancelled and I took the day off)

While the kids played outside, I helped clear our
other neighbor’s driveway.

All told, I helped clear 4 driveways and yes…
I finally got my workout.

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