Little Lady’s Big Weekend (with a Juicy Hotel)

It was a big weekend.

Mom and Little Man went down to Evansville to help Grandma & Grandpa
pack away all the Christmas decorations.

Little Lady had a big party to attend.  She got invited to a birthday party
at Build-a-Bear in the mall.

We arrived in style, 30 minutes early.  (Little Lady was sporting
her silver sparkle shoes)   Little Lady insisted we trekked to 
Build-a-Bear to prove I know how to get there.

Before the bear, Little Lady partaked in one of her great loves… pizza.

The hosting parents served mall pizza in the food court.  It actually
worked out really well.  The kids were loud, but it didn’t disturb the
ambient noise of the mall.  After dinner, they played tag around
the tables, and several rounds of “Ring Around the Rosie”.

At Build-a-Bear, each of the 15 children got to choose one of
three bears.  They then marched in line yelling “STUFF MY

(The Build-a-Bear workers asked them to be loud… and they
were more than happy to comply) 

By 7:30pm, most of the kids were starting to fade. 
Little Lady almost fell asleep on her bear. 
(BTW, the bear’s name is Princess)

The kids rallied for a group picture outside
the store.  (see January 17)

Sunday was another big day for Little Lady.

With Big Brother gone, she got to pick which
Wii games to play.  (Lego Star Wars and Disney

She also got to pick the audio (Mamma Mia soundtrak)
and the video (Mamma Mia movie).

 What could be better than pizza, bears, wii, and Mamma Mia?

A Juicy Hotel!

(Little Lady loves staying in hotels.  A few months ago, we
stayed at a Drury Inn in Cincinnati.  Little Lady loved it
so much, she declared it a “Juicy Hotel”.)

In the hills of Brown County State Park lies the Abe
Martin Lodge.  This state park property offers 2 for 1
deals in the winter.  Since the kids had Monday off,
we headed for the hills!

Mom and Little Man met up with us in Bloomington.
After a wonderful dinner at Trojan Horse, we set a
course for Brown County.

(BTW: Mom’s car is “Air Force One” and my car is
“Air Force Two”)

The big draw of the Abe Martin Lodge is the indoor
water park.  It’s not a big water park, but it was
perfect for our kids. 

Mom bribed Little Man to go down the slide ($2).
By the end of the trip, we went down that slide
over 20 times!

Over the course of two days, we spent over 6 hours
splashing and playing.  (January 18 & January 19)

In between swimming, we shopped in the ultra kitch
Nashville, IN stores, and  Little Man learned how to play
ping pong. 

On the way home, Little Lady passed out.  We stopped
in Bloomington for pizza.  ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz…..
The long wonderful weekend finally caught up with her.
She fell asleep at 6:00pm and slept through the whole

Tuesday, I asked her what she thought of the Abe
Martin Lodge.

“It was a Juicy Hotel”

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